crazy ceo , crazyceo madness of an accidental entrepreneur
crazy ceo , crazyceo madness of an accidental entrepreneur

By watching the title and featured image, you may feel like, I am about to share the ideas, brainstorming sessions, strengths I kept before starting the company right?. Well, then that’s not the story. Two software helped me to start a company! 1. Adobe Photoshop 7.0, 2. Dreamweaver. Yeah, it sounds crazy but true. For a botany graduate with MBR in HR & Marketing, knowledge in these two apps is so big. Don’t confuse me with stereotype designer or developer, I have learned tools, shortcuts through the accidental keypress.

Practical knowledge through marketing and the ability to customize HTML sites with the help of these two apps gave me the confidence to start something as my own. The site which I have made by customizing the HTML template was my first marketing tool. I should say thanks to Mr. Ragesh, who helped me to upload files through FTP, that was my only acquired knowledge. So what I am trying to ‘push’ is, anyone can start a company!. The next time if someone is stating that you cant start something new, just start two of that kind and let them inaugurate the second one.!

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