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Movies I recommend

The following are some movies from my side, as a recommendation for you. Movies which influenced me a lot. Mission Mangal Jobs The Social Network Jacobnte Swargarajyam Shawshank Redemption Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir Life is beautiful The pursuit of happiness

How I started A company?

By watching the title and featured image, you may feel like, I am about to share the ideas, brainstorming sessions, strengths I kept before starting the company right?. Well, then that’s not the story. Two software helped me to start a company! 1. Adobe Photoshop 7.0, 2. Dreamweaver. Yeah, it sounds crazy but true. For...read more, seriously?!

Less your limits to be limitless

Its always our inner limits keeps us stay away from our deserving success. The fear of society, the response of society, the fear of failure, the shame of failure plays a crucial role in a lot of peoples lives. We are always a decision away from an entirely different life.