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The success of failure! – serial Entrepreneur

The moment we give up our next initiative from the fall is the visible sign of our acceptance towards the failure. Fate is just a decorative word to blame our inability to ‘do again’ or ‘try again differently’.

The moment we depend upon a person who we think, they are capable than us, is the real moment we homicide ourselves. You may not be perfect but if you want to succeed, don’t think anyone else is better than you to do what you supposed to do. Be the smartest guy in the room, don’t be the hand of the smartest guy! This will make a better sense for sure only if you went through as a hand.

Putting all the eggs in one basket is a cliche dialog not to keep our entire hope and efforts upon one initiative. Perhaps, putting eggs wisely in different baskets with a vision and hand over the operations could help you back on your worst nightmare.

Failure can succeed without much effort, but for a serial entrepreneur can save himself or herself only if they are ready to “never-settle-down” without depending anyone else.!

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