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There is nothing left for me to introduce about Vijay. I can’t recollect, which was the first frame of him I captured in my mind. From my childhood, if I am crazy about anything, then its Vijay. Being a Vijay fan, I am considering this blog post as an honor to share the way I got inspired by him.

Like i said, from the beginning of my memory, i am crazy about him but it’s a ‘fan’ stuff. Including my parents scolded me a lot of time, ‘what’s your benefit by this craziness?’. While I have grown up into an entrepreneur, this craziness grew along with me. The maturity of mine terminated a lot of habits and routines from my life but not this.

Why this irrelevant post? right?

The answer is I got inspired by him. If you hate Vijay, you can stop reading here, else scroll below!

Facing Critics – Early-stage of a startup or an entrepreneur! – This is the toughest part of any entrepreneur. We might jump into the sea of opportunities with a lot of dreams, passion, situation, or foolishness. Once touching the water only, we will be feeling the heat of the dead-cold situation. Vijay also, since his father is a director, bagged an opportunity to debut in his father’s movie. The critics and haters penned him brutely for his physic, shade, appearance and totally everything. If he felt negative on those words, Vijay could never flourish like this. For a startup maker, its obvious people will be throwing stones at you as suggestions, advice, critics, ”if I were you” stuffs, ufff!! Just ignore and move one with what you think which is right.

Moving on with the next project -No matter whether the movie is a flop or hit, he always get rid of the failure as well as success and keep on moving for the next project. There is no chance he is giving for crying over the spilled milk. For any entrepreneur, this is a must understanding point. We can predict our success, till getting success, we should try out. Each try will be a lesson, we should probably lose our time, money, effort, self-esteem, anything!. but if we are planning to waste our time on our failure, we will never be able to find the next big opportunity in front of us.

Ignoring negatives – he is a person received immense negativities from the beginning of his career. In his beginning, on leading magazine wrote, who will pay for watching such a face on the screen. the same magazine later wrote, after Rajni, Vijay is the next superstar. He killed the negativities with his success and buried them in his smiles. Due to his stands, a lot of issues happening against him even at the time of many important movies releases also, but the way he is handling those situations is a damn good example of facing unexpected issues in our way of execution and implementation.

Silent approach– his silent attitude is famous across the industry. He was an active child but due to his unexpected loss of his sister only kept him as a silent person. May directors already mentioned his dual personalities on either side of the camera. Legend, Kamalhassan once said, he loves Vijay for his silence in work, without showing off he is focusing on his work. His success is making the noise on his behalf.

Respect & Comfort – the way he is taking care of his elders in his domain is what makes him stand alone. He is a person who introduced the way of calling others “nanba” [friend] which is praised by a lot of co-stars in various stages. No matter whether its a debutant of experience person, he gives them the space on the screen and off the screen. He received a lot of unexpected support from a lot of people which he paid back unexpectedly, including the “Master” commitment with producer Britto. We also should give space and comfort to our co-members. The output is directly proportional to the comfort level and respects our resources getting from us. No matter whether they are a fresher or geek, we should treat them equally, we can predict who can contribute personally to the success of our dream.

SWOT – he knows what is his ability and what is his weakness. He was a person doing masala movies and typical Tamil movies. His 50th movie was an all-time disaster, why? the way he chooses the subjects. He wasn’t a choosy type of person, but from the 51st movie he changed his formula, resulting in consecutive success movies, not just success, he was delivering industrial hits!. Between his 51st movie and 63rd movie, he collected 100cr, 250cr, 300cr. In fact, Gilli was the first movie grossing 50cr club in Tamil [in 2004, all the data is available online, cross-check before you judge my words]. The success formula was not just subjected, he explored his weakness, he never did the same mistake he committed earlier in his career. For an entrepreneur it’s an amazing lesson, understanding our weakness is much needed than understanding our potential. Only by focusing on our weakness only we will be able to pitch ourselves.

Handling crowd – he is a mass puller, he knows the pulse of the mass audience. The way he commencing his open-air speech is the biggest example of how he knows the audience and how he is getting connected with them. He got an amazing power to understand the situation or maybe audience emotion and he exactly delivers what they are looking for. “Presentation” is what I learned from it, there is no point in having something amazing with us if we don’t know the market pulse and perfect presentation. Selling sand to Rajasthan is a common marketing tricky line, but only a perfect business development can do it, no doubts at all. We should be able to understand our prospective customers, they need for our solution and perfect placing of the same what matters the most.

Smiling attitude – as I said earlier, he killed his negativities with his success and buried them with his smile. In an earlier interview, he once said, he gained a lot of things by being silent and it’s powerful. and he faces every negativities with is smile. Smile is a very powerful shield and weapon, for anyone. The more we understand to be calm at the sea, we will be on top of the world.

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