wall crazyceo richin r chandran

The following four movies are my unconditional all-time favorites. All these movies passed through the school boy phase of mine. The impact created by these movies are still inside my brighter side or memory. From then i experienced a lot of movies with huge impact but ,still these four are on my top list. It’s not about making, story, intellectual elements, or anything but about the feeling that those created.

4. Gilli

gilli crazyceo richin r chandran

Even though I am die hard Vijay fan, Gilli is in the fourth place. I watched Vijay movies earlier including Badri and all, it was a wonderful charisma that developed deep inside me by those movies got a vigorous fire after watching Gilli. The die-hard fan inside me was born after Gilli in 2004. To this date, the feeling that happened inside me is still on without any loss of passion. This Vijay starer was a huge hit in the industry with the first 50Cr. grosser in Tamil Nadu along with huge business in Kerala also. Dharani was the director and Thrisha Krishnan was the pair of Vijay.

3. Kakka Kakka

Kakka Kakka crazyceo richin r chandran

Ambuchelvan’s story is deep inside with a pain, such a brilliant portrayal of the episode of a suttle police officer. Goutham Vasudeva Menon simply rocked the movie with the brilliant performance of Suriya.

2. Vismayathumbathu

vismayathumbathu crazyceo richin r chandran

It was a fantastic experience to walk through Sreekumar’s intuitions and their results. The experience was first of its kind, the excitement and end twists were brilliant. The movie came from the team that gave the epic “Manichithrathazhu”.

  1. Jayam
Jayam crazyceo richin r chandran

Jayam is so close to my heart for a lot of reasons. We were on a vacation in Tamil Nadu and all planned suddenly to watch a movie, I was not at all interested in it initially and finally said okay. It was a release movie and we watched it in Sree Kaleeshwari Theatre Thenkasi. I really don’t know what’s the element which is hooking me to this movie, it was a mind-blowing memory I am having which I received from the movie. Even when I am typing this, I can feel the same. The major location of the movie was Thenmala, Chenkotta, and Bhagavathipuram which we traveled to at the time for the vacation. So it was a highly relatable series of events and a nostalgic bond. Jayam Ravi’s debut movie was directed by his brother M. Raja later directed Velayutham with Vijay.

Then i watched a lot of movies and lot of favorite movies also there, but these four is something different, more like an emotion.

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