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I have never been this much affected by the demise of any movie actor or any celebrity though I am not even his fan. The only movie I watched of him was Dhoni, the untold story. Being a Dhoni fan I loved the way he portrayed him in his biopic. Later only I noticed the actor, Susanth, for his charming smile and clear personality. For a south Indian like me, Bollywood updates are only through the so-called mainstream media[craps], so there is no wonder I’m not getting any updates about Susanth since they were pimping with or maybe for, nepotism kids.

It was shockingly evil for watching the videos in which the humungous personalities with gifted surnames ignoring and insulting a youngster who fought a lot to achieve without a God-father. Now the note is, the reason for his endnote is depression but by re-examining those videos it’s damn evident that how much pain he suffered thought his journey. Personally I was not your fan, neither I watched any of your other movies other than Dhoni, still, it’s haunting like anything. I have never been in such a situation like I am going through now. Thinking about the thoughts going through your mind on your last days making me in so much pain brother. In such a pandemic time too many lives are leaving, but you deliberately ended it up just because of others.

You know what, a lot of people from south India is loving you just because of the movie, Dhoni, I hope your soul is watching our love and respect towards you man. Your soul will get justice, time will prove.

past junk
an unforgettable journey!

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