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One fine morning [for me, by the way], I met Shradha Sharma, Founder of Yourstory for letting her know that i am also living with her in this country and to let her know that, #metoo started a company. Jokes apart, she was so kind and helpful listened to my thoughts and ideas, and gave some tips to move ahead. By hearing everything, patiently, she said “so you are an accidental entrepreneur”, enough right?. So does, the tagline of this blog. So if you feel anything awkward about the title, please don’t blame me as I am innocent in this case.

Shradha Sharma is actually a powerhouse for entrepreneurs, startups, passionate souls, and all. Her success along with Yourstory is the best example for each and every youngster, a realization “lot more to go, bro, you are just started”. Thank you Shradha for pumping such energy initially. It was great! I was new to the arena, but the way she treated such a nuby was so supportive. That meeting was the first official meeting of mine in the new role, and it’s my honor that it was with you Shradha! [hopes one day you will see this post]

Richin R Chandran with Shradha Sharma Yourstory crazyceo richin r chandran
Richin R Chandran with Shradha Sharma, CEO, YourStory [in 2014]
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